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Colombian Cocaine is a Mind-altering psychedelic drug that is the powdered form of Cocaine. Cocaine is taken out of the “coca” plant. It is also prepared in the form of “rocks” when prepared with ammonia or baking soda. It is white or yellowish in color because it is powdered in nature. Colombian cocaine in the form of rocks is more potent and easily smoked. When the rock is heated, the cracking sound is produced. It can only be smoked by pipes made up of glass. It requires very cheap costs to produce Colombian cocaine. This cocaine is specially manufactured in Colombia in large quantities nowadays.


Effects are observed in people immediately after Colombian cocaine is inhaled in less than 5 minutes but they last only for a few minutes. It causes increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, intense euphoria, feelings of pleasure, and sexual arousal. Sometimes aggressive behavior is also an outcome of Colombian cocaine. People taking crack cocaine for the first time are sometimes suffered from a rush of mixed feelings of sadness and happiness. New users to Colombian cocaine can use it by mixing with water and injecting it through a needle.

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