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Crack cocaine, is also known as crack or rock. Mainly it is a base form of cocaine leaves that can be used for smoking. It is most commonly consumed as the hydrochloride salt, which can typically produce in clandestine laboratories. Cocaine decomposes when heated strongly so the freebase and hydrogen carbonate salts of cocaine, which have much lower boiling points compared to the hydrochloride salt. These are typically used when the substance is to be vaporized and is commonly known as cocaine base and crack respectively.


Effects of crack cocaine may include euphoria, insomnia, loss of appetite, supreme confidence, alertness, a craving for more cocaine, increased energy, and potential paranoia. Its initial effect is to release huge dopamine, a brain substance inducing feelings of euphoria.

Be sure that you know how much of the quantity you should take. Ask your specialist if you have any questions about how many doses of this you should take or how to use the dosing.


Crack cocaine is generally used as a recreational drug that is processed from cocaine powder. It appears in the form of a yellowish-white rock. Mostly it is used as smoked complete glass with a hand pipe or water pipe. Even though this drug is injected intravenously some times, it is quite common only, not such a big cause.

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